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Process > Lost Wax Process
From using 2D drawing of investment casting provided by customer, we manufacture die (pattern/tools) of Aluminum material using CAD/CAM. We send drawing to customer for approval making appropriate changes in drawing based on lost wax casting process requirement. We technically support our customers for developing cost effective product based on material/machining cost savings.
Wax in semi-liquid form is injected in Dies (Pattern/Tools) to produce replica of desired castings. Semi automatic hydraulic press is used to produce wax patterns. All the wax patterns are 100% checked visually and dimensionally. Wax patterns are assembled to wax runner using wax gates and then wax runner is attached to wax pouring cup to make a cluster or tree.

The wax cluster/tree is dipped into slurry of silica, then into a sand-like stucco of controlled grain size. Then it is allowed to dry, and the process is repeated until at least a half-inch coating covers the entire piece. The bigger the piece, the thicker the shell needs to be. This process is done temperature and humidity controlled atmosphere. Ceramic shells are then heated under pressure in autoclave and wax comes out through gate and runner.

The shell is then subjected to preheating to remove moisture and residual wax, and to sinter the ceramic of shell. The specified alloy, melted in induction furnace, is poured into sintered shells and then shells are left to solidify molten metal.

After cooling, ceramic shells are removed through mechanical vibrating, water jet or media blasting. Finally castings are separated from cluster through cut-off through abrasive wheel or weld cutting. Then heat treatment, finishing and final inspection are carried out.
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